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How to grow your business in your neighborhood?

Not all businesses need a billboard advertisement. Some businesses are small sized and limit their services within a certain locality. They are region-based such as dry cleaners, tailors, supermarkets, spa, and salon etc.

These businesses need that people in their neighborhood knows about them, about their good & prompt service and prefer them over their local competitors. Word of mouth marketing works best for them. Such marketing essentially comes from the quality of service they are providing and whether they are ensuring that their customer remembers them in a good way even after leaving their premise. Here are few things that a local & small/ medium sized business owner can do to establish and promote the name of their shop or company, essentially their brand in the local neighborhood.

1. Customers are not always ‘GOD’.

Sometimes they are fussy, rude and overwhelming. Hence sometimes it is not possible to keep them happy. But you don’t need to worry about such clients, because a person who is unhappy by nature may not have provided you a word of mouth promotion anyway. But that doesn’t mean you can be rude to them. Keep your calm and be polite. The dignity you would show in your premise would represent your brand name in the market.

2. Customer should be happy and happier.

Apart from a few un-happy customers, most of the other regular clients are good people. Good people are sensitive. They love personalization. Personalization - remembering their name, a few more names from their family, the beverages they like, their date of birth, anniversaries etc. People like and remember those who care about them. Providing service in a business is something that every business does. You want to stand out in millions, provide care. Know your customer.

3. Social responsibilities are important.

What other things people may need apart from your and other local business providers in your neighborhood. How about offering a volunteering program? Or calling in the young kids for a ‘Hands-On-Experience’ Program. It is a good idea to get involved in some kind of social responsibility around the place, this would give you a quick popularity and reputation. Remember you represent your business and its brand.

4. Cherry on the top.

There are few additional arenas which can be explored and they work well for local businesses. The business can pick and choose based on their budget size and scale. Some of them are quite cheap and some are virtually free.

Pamphlets -

Flyers and pamphlets are a great way to tell your customers a complete story about your business.

Google Map Listing –

You can add and claim your business in Google maps. It would be easier for people in your neighborhood to know about your address, directions to your shop/office, pictures and details about your services and upcoming offers.

Facebook Ads –

You can have a Facebook page. Virtually everyone knows how to create a Facebook page (not your personal profile), a place where you can write about your services and your clients can review you, thus providing a virtual word of mouth marketing.

Local SEO -

Having a small website, with low maintenance would give a face to your business online. People live their lives and spend most of their time being online. This is some place you wouldn’t want to ignore being in a business.

If you are not acquainted with tech part, you can reach stratup companies like Brandjiwin who are willing to increase their client base by offering free services. Get in touch with them to understand the concept of this free program they are offering and see if it suits your interest.