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Direct Messaging: The power tool of Twitter

I just read in a tweet -

The Simplest Tool to Automatically Direct Message Your New Followers While Engaging On a Personal Level by Calling Them Out by Name or Username.

Courtesy @AutoDMPromo

Although I'm not sure if the actual owner of that account is as pretty as the girl in the profile picture ;)

But agreeing to the point, Direct Messaging is one unmistakable way of getting attention. In 2017, Twitter brought an update to this feature to protect user from spam & abusive content. Thus making users to "accept" message from people they don't follow. Essentially it means that people can keep their DM (Direct Messages) mailbox open so that anyone contact them but they would be able to analyze the account that contacted them before looking at the message. This extra layer of protection ensures that users do not get hit by some nasty pictures or racial slurs.

Twitter's Direct Messaging Feature - Its Application in Business

Proactive Customer Support

Unlike other social media profiles, Twitter has an unique advantage of being public and private at the same time. A support agent can eavesdrop on entire Twitter and look around for issues and complaints from the consumer base. They can further contact them through Direct Message to resolve their complaints. You can add "Provides Support" badge to your Twitter account.

Direct Messages allows up to 10K characters per message

This increased character limit can be utilized in many ways such as -

  • a new product launch news

  • running a content on twitter and interacting with the participants

  • brand awareness

  • building audience with events

  • engaging multiple users in private group discussion... you can have a quick informal board meeting

Direct Messaging can increase Engagements, Sales, Followers, Leads and Downloads

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